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About Us

Our skilled and charming nursing staff will assist with vaccine administration and counseling

Every year more and more people travel to faraway places, cross borders, and migrate.  Whether you travel as a tourist, visit your family or friends, to study, or to work, crossing borders is not without health risks.   U.S. international overseas travel increased seven percent from 2014 to a total of nearly 32.8 million person-trips in 2015. US residents traveled to international destinations including countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean with 22 to 64 percent of people reporting some health problems while traveling.

Founded by Dr. Murli Purswani, The Bronx Lebanon Center for Travel Medicine is a multidisciplinary group of practitioners concerned with the prevention and management of health problems associated with travel. Under the leadership of Dr. Stefan Hagmann, the clinic has grown and was designated as a GeoSentinel and GlobalTravEpiNet site.


Dr. Hagmann also organized the "Bronx Travel Health Meeting" with talks by various invited travel medicine experts as well as various outreach programs to the community regarding increasing awareness for travel health.

Travel medicine is more than “what shots do I need?” Written recommendations from official agencies such as the CDC and WHO provide only general information for travel to particular countries. They do not take into account the individual traveler’s past medical history, specific itinerary, level of immunity, and season of travel. At the Bronx Lebanon Center for Travel Medicine we provide an individual consultation based on your particular health and travel plans.


Our Team

Paul Kelly, MD
Tanya Rogo,  MD
Anupama Menon, MD
Denise King, LPN
Murli Purswani, MD
Maria Gonzalez, LPN
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