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"We accept all major insurance carriers"
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(Mt. Eden Avenue) on the 4 train.
(174-175 Street) on the B,D trains.
Buses BX-1 and BX-2.
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Coming from a European background, Me and my friends spend a lot of time complaining about the complications of the health system here. Well, after I went to your clinic I actually called people to say "there is hope for the healthcare in this country!!".  My plans to go to Africa require vaccinations and after doing my research I found that the Travel clinic at Bronx Lebanon had the best prices for the same vaccines that cost twice as much in other hospitals. The staff on the phone were very helpful in providing information and setting the appointment.  While at the clinic I was treated like a princess that deserves the best care. The doctor spent all the time needed to go over my health needs and explained to me pros and cons of different medicine alternatives. The nurses were caring and gave me the least painful shots ever. They followed up over the phone to give me test results and check in. In my 6 years in New York I have never received such good health care! Thank you!


I needed vaccines for my upcoming trip to Nigeria and the Travel Clinic at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was the only clinic that accepted my insurance. I wasn't sure what to expect at my appointment but the staff at the clinic made me feel very comfortable and explained the process thoroughly. The staff was also extremely kind and accommodating. The doctor that I had my consultation with devoted plenty of time to answering my questions. Not only did he answer my questions but he went above and beyond to inform me of things I was not even aware of. I felt so much better about my health concerns of this trip when I left his office. The nurse that gave me my vaccines was also very patient, as well as kind and gentle. Overall my experience at Bronx Lebanon Travel Clinic was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone in need of travel vaccines or advice.


I went to the Bronx Center for Travel Medicine for vaccinations prior to a trip to Asia.  Not all trips require the same vaccines, and the doctor who saw me made sure I had the right information and the right vaccines, along with some helpful travel tips.


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